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Tamara Haller, Owner

 After much observation and examining the needs within her own family and friends, Tamara realized the dyer needs of our lower-income communities. Something simple as a Power of Attorney or getting something notarized was something far-fetched and usually outside their price range.  With this in mind, she embarked upon Transformations Business Services, a one-stop-shop for ordinary people and empower individuals to begin to take control of their current situations of life and enveloping new concepts to inspire change. 


Transformation Business Services make available much-needed resources to Minority and Low-Income Socioeconomic Status Areas within the community. Transformations Business Services serve the people in her community and surrounding areas with the opportunity to put power back into their own hands! Life always hands you lemons and is faced with many challenges and how you handle it will make all the difference!

Transformations Business Services can help assist you in handling your business needs at affordable rates that beat competitors. We allow you to transform your own life by renewing your mindset and changing your financial outlook. 

Tamara's desire is to use all of the gifts God has given to her, to empower, inspire, and call to action the people that God will have her to serve, to truly live, and have overall prosperity! She is a certified Texas Notary and currently pursuing her licensing with the State of Texas as an Insurance Agent in Life, Accident, and Medical Insurance Areas. She is also, preparing to write her first book. Tamara is a native of Houston, TX with an 18-year background in the Health Insurance Industry. 


Transformations Business Services is not a law firm, and does not act as your attorney, and is not a substitute for advice from an attorney. Transformations Business Services does not provide any legal advice, and none of the information provided herein or on any completed document should be construed as legal advice. Transformations Business Services cannot provide legal advice and can only provide self-help services at your specific direction. We cannot make any recommendations for any corrections or changes to the documents or their application, content, or use. We are not attorneys licensed to practice law in this state and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.


Transformations Business Services can assist you in completing legal forms when you are seeking to represent yourself in your own legal matters. If you need legal representation, are involved in litigation, or have complex legal issues that cannot be handled or dealt with on your own, you should seek competent legal advice and/or hire an attorney.  Any service provided to our clients will be with the understanding of this disclaimer.

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